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2 Player Hockey


Why sit around staring at your phones, when you can sit around staring at one phone together instead? 2 Player Hockey is a fun one or two player hockey game, with simple, easy to learn controls anyone can sit down and play instantly, while practice up and you'll be able to learn some cool trick shots. Challenge your friends in two player mode or hone your skills in single player, the simple but unique controls give you the ability to shoot, catch the puck, pass to yourself and slapshot with ease, with practice you can learn plenty of devastating trick shots! The perfect way to kill some time with a friend!
Pass the puck to yourself in order to do some cool trick shots, catch the puck and slapshot it at your opponent! Play alone or with a friend and become a master of handling the puck. Easy to learn but also possible to practice and master passing to yourself and shooting a slapshot into your friends net. Press the back and forth buttons to skate along the ice and return the puck to your opponent, press the shoot button to fire a slapshot at your friend, catch the puck from behind and you will pass the puck to yourself and use your shoot button to aim a trick slapshot at your friend. 1 or 2 player excitement, grab a friend and try it out.Check out more fun games here: